Into the Darkness

Dark is a rare word to be used in a common sentence. It is usually seen in poetic works. The word came from the old English word “deorc” which eventually transformed into “derk” which means “to hide.” In science, darkness, as the opposite of brightness, is actually the absence of light. It has the appearance of black in colors.

In poetic terms, darkness symbolizes the presence of evil, shadow, depression, and sin. It is commonly associated with the Hebrew/Christian fallen angel, Satan also known as “the devil.” In fictions, it defines the side of villains whose only motif in a story is destruction and denomination. Darkness is the absolute opposite of light.

However, darkness is not only a phenomenon whose effects only bring obscure. In fact, some animals do benefit from it: like the nocturnal animals, large-eyed owls, and cave-inhabitants bats. The absence of light allows these animals to focus their other senses: in the case of bats, they have the ability to use the sound waves or echoes to locate walls and objects.

Darkness can be associated with the word blackness. Darkness is the absence of light while black is the absence of color. The chlorophyll of the plants reacts to the solar light, in this manner, light is absorbed and produces color; otherwise, black is shown. However, in some cases, darkness differs from blackness. Though they both show in the absence of something, darkness cannot appear during sunlight or anything that emits light while black can (like the mere color of an ink).

The absence of light sometimes causes fear to children. It is proven that the imagination of humans turns wild during night time – what more for young ones. The mind of a child triggers the hormones to panic and to become nervous in such event where imagination starts creating foul and what-if images. For adults, darkness actually helps them to gain deeper sleep. Light can still penetrate the skin that covers the eyes which in turn can cause restless sleep.

In summary, darkness covers up anything which is not affected by light, likewise, the color is shown with black: connotatively speaking – death, fear, and evil. In some cases, darkness does not only bring negative effects but it also carry benefits to some.


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