Goodbye, Newspapers

Newspapers are left behind these days. Though we see a lot of newspapers are printed each day, only few students read them. There are various reasons why students no longer have the urge to read newspapers. First, buying a newspaper is a hassle. One must visit a convenient store – imagine the time one must spend just to walk and transact – to get one and sometimes the store is crowded. Since, these are students; money is used for travelling instead of buying them. Second, news can be accessed via internet. WiFi makes reading them fast and free – just clicks away. Also, there are lots of publishers who offer different version of news, making internet a large pool of current events. Third, students are affected by peer pressure. It’s seldom for students to get free time from their school schedule and because of this; they are spent for stress relieving activities – there’s no time for reading unless it is required in a subject, especially in college and high school where time is spent most in studying.


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