Red-Eyes End Dragon (Preview)

I’ve been playing Yu-Gi-Oh! for a long time. It is a game composed of monsters, spells, and traps. One must deplete the other’s Life Points twice to be declared as the winner of the match.

Red-Eyes is one of the most powerful Archtype in the game. It’s composed of Dark Dragon-type monsters, except for “Red-Eyes Wyvern” which is a Wind monster. As part of my deck, which is a Red-Eyes Deck, I created a Synchro card for this series, Red-Eyes End Dragon. As it’s name suggests, it has the ability of destruction.

Red-Eyes End Dragon

Red-Eyes End Dragon

It destroys all monsters on the field of it’s owner and forbids him/her from summoning or setting monsters.

Plus, it can destroy all cards on the opponent’s side of the field by reducing it’s ATK Points to zero. However, it’s fire back may be to strong, it can be countered in different ways. One of the best way is to use “Forbidden Chalice”.

Not only it gives Red-Eyes a 400-ATK points boost, it restores Red-Eyes’ ATK back to 3000. Making a total 3400 points direct atack beatstick!


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