My Dream Deck

Main Deck (43 cards):


> Divine Dragon – Ragnarok x1

> Red-Eyes B. Dragon x2

> Ally of Justice – Cyclone Creator x1

> Dark Resonator x1

> Exploder Dragon x1

> Lord of D. x2

> Majestic Dragon x1

> Mirage Dragon x2

> Mystic Tomato x2

> Red-Eyes B. Chick x2

> Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon x2

> Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon x1

> Red-Eyes Wyvern x3

> The Dark-Hex-Sealed Fusion x2


> Allure of Darkness x3

> Dimension Explosion x1

> Dragon’s Mirror x2

> Future Fusion x1

> Polymerization x2


> Birthright x2

> Declaration of Rebirth x1

> Destruction Jammer x2

> Elemental Absorber x1

> Escape from the Dark Dimension x2

> The Grave of the Enkindling x2

Extra Deck (15 cards)

> B. Skull Dragon x2

> F.G.D. x2

> King Dragun x2

> Black Rose Dragon x1

> Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier x1

> Exploder Dragonwing x1

> Iron Chain Dragon x1

> Majestic Demon Dragon x1

> Majestic Star Dragon x1

> Red Dragon Archfiend x1

> Stardust Dragon x1

> Trident Dragion x1


About Rex Tan

Electronics and Communications Engineer

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