Tips How to Farm Golds in Gaia

Some of you knows the Gaia, can be found in It is a interactive Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game where you can costumize your character, chat, and meet new friends. But some says, it is hard to get golds to customize your Gaia, your house, and your car. Here below are tips in how to farm golds in Gaia:

1.)Buy and Sell:

> First, you should have a trading pass (worth of 500g) so you can have an access in the Marketplace.
->If you have already this pass, let us proceed to step to.

> Browse the Marketplace of items you want to buy and sell. See if the “Lowest Buy Now Price” is lower than the “Store Price”, if it is lower, buy it (but make sure the thing that you bought would be a hit for Gaians or in demand so you can earn money after you sell).


> Then in your Store (Shop > Marketplace > My Store), click “Sell an Item” below your character avatar. Then click the item you want to sell.

> Set the days, hours, and minutes that you want your item to be listed in the shop. Then sell the item with it’s original Sell price like in its “Store Price” or sell it in the price you want (The lower the better the chance your item to be bought, but not lower than the price in how you bought it).

2.) ZOMG farming:

> Kill monsters.

> Do some quest (Chain Quests are better!)

> Create a party (Crew) so every time they kill a monster, you get a chance to get what they have earned from killing it.

3.) First times:

> There are lot of things in the Gaia World. Try them. Gaia gives you extra golds for doing this things in the first time.


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  1. lol may cheat ba jan or bot or gold bug? haha xD except cheat engine xD

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