Life is Miserable but You Kept on Going

          Funny isn’t it? You have been blaming the whole world with just a simple problem. Shouting “LIFE IS UNFAIR!” maybe. Sometimes, you will just notice that you were thinking that you would die, or more awful, “You wish you were never been born at all”. (Carry on! Carry on.) But most commonly, you hurt yourself like piercing a blade through your veins. (kinda yucky!)

          But isn’t it funny again that you are still alive reading this passage I am writing? It’s because you cared to read it. See? Although, you want to die but you can’t because of care. But I am not saying that you shouldn’t care so you can die. God has something for you that’s why He is keeping you alive. You have a purpose here in these world. And I know it is a best one. Things are just impossible in our eyes. We believe in what we see.

           Have you read a wonderful story? Who is author of it? Was the ending a happy or a tragedy one? But do you know what is the best story ever written? Do you know who is the writer? It’s God. Well, the story hasn’t begun yet because God is still thinking how He will start the story. And He wants you to start it so that He will have an idea how to continue it! Who knows, you may become a president someday? Or luckily a great hero. His book is written depending how you live but He write things that you didn’t even noticed, His blessings.

          Have a good day. God Bless


About Rex Tan

Electronics and Communications Engineer

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