Mass Media of Our Generation

Do you like finding yourself sitting in front of a television? Or maybe listening to your favorite songs on the radio? Do these stations you enjoyed watching help you? How about your lifestyle? Or even your family? Do you even think the effects of these things in your life?

Children during these days enjoyed watching televisions and listening to the radios. They feel comfortable doing these things. But they aren’t aware of what may come. Usually, they watched their favorite cartoons. But, have you seen how they act after watching? Did you notice something different from him/her?

From generations to generations, media has been along the changes. As we evolve, media is still there providing us our satisfactions. You would notice that they even follow what is hip. They even create live shows just to impress and make their audiences happy. But if children continued this way, what will be our future and hopes for them? What will happen to their dreams? What will happen to the future of our society?

Do you watch news that are broadcasted on air through the televesions? You wouold notice that most of its topic is about celebrities. What do these false idols have to make the crowd love them? See? Even stations forgot what good service really mean?

I hope and pray my visions for the future won’t happen. I hope and I pray for the better future for the next. But would it be enough if we just hope and pray?


About Rex Tan

Electronics and Communications Engineer

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