What makes everyone a winner?

What makes everyone a winner?

Una, iisipin mo na hindi pwedeng lahat panalo siyempre may talo.

Ikalawa, Ano nga ba?

            Let us think this way… Masarap ba ang feeling kung ikaw lang ang panalo? And all of them are losers? “Yaya, your such a LOSER!!” (while forming letter L using two fingers).  Kung iyong papansinin, may mga taong nakangiti kahit natalo sila. May mga taong binabati ang panalo. Makikita mo sa kanilang mga mukha na hindi sila malungkot bagkus nakangiti at nakatawa.

            Ang ilan sa atin, puro sarili lamang ang inisip. Ang iba, pinahahalagahan ang iba. 

            The end is nigh, my friends. For the road of our journey lies ahead, for to seek the real truth, to sacrifice every ounce of our will power, just to reach the end of our journey. For each of us knows our friends. Some of us knows no rest. For we are equal in the eyes of the almighty God. Living and staying besides us. Giving us gifts everyday, every hour, every minute. Never say that God does not love you, he loved all of us with the same degree. Though, we loved ourselves, but I suggest to love one another. That’s what makes everyone a winner.



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Electronics and Communications Engineer

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