The Perfect Gift

When God created world

He created Heaven

When God created man

He created woman


Dark and light

Waters flow with the sea

Winds takes flight

His gifts are everlasting to me


How can I find the perfect gift?

If I don’t know where to start

Canyons, mountains ans sea reef

All that is left to me is a paper draft


As my journey continuous

I am still curious

Secrets are about to unfold

But still, they are untold


Do you know what’s the meaning of living?

If people can’t understand even for sharing

They make things wrong and bad

it makes God very, very sad


People found their partners

They set aside things and care for their lovers

Maybe this is left for exchange

Make the world happy and let it change


As I walked pass by

A girl stands by

I ask her why she’s crying

And she don’t know’s why


I made friends with her

But she still calls me mister

We surpass and make it through

For our friendship is very true


With her I found love

She gave me freedom

I’ll fly like a dove

She’s the person, the one I love


I said to her

“The perfect gift is you, I must say.

God tell me in my way

Even you belong to the sea

All I want for you to know

That you are important to me.”


God gave challenges to me

I’ll still fight for

What I want for

Like the lord of the D.


Life is sometimes miserable

Loneliness againsts us

If I can be just able

For you to gain trust



About Rex Tan

Electronics and Communications Engineer

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